We try to maintain a low barrier to entry for all students wanting the opportunity to play.  Our annual fees are intended to cover the minimum operating expenses of the team.  Bus rentals, ferries, field lining, referee fees, trainer fees – these costs add up quickly.  These fee’s do not cover equipment replacement, upgrades, Coach certification, etc.  Thus the need to fund raise.

We have 3 ongoing ways you can support the team:

  1. Load up Thrifty Food gift cards.  Spectrum Football will receive 5% of the total amount deposited on these cards.  You shop there? Load a card, then buy your groceries.  It costs you nothing and quickly adds up for the team! Reach out and we’ll get you one of these very valuable cards!
  2. Country Grocer – Royal Oak.  Save your till receipts and return to any member of Team Hard-Core.  Spectrum Football will receive 5% back in gift cards.  We use these to purchase banquets, concession or event supplies.
  3. Glanford Return-it Bottle Depot. Return your empties and donate the funds to the Spectrum Thunder Football team.  Easy peasy!

We also hold a major bottle drive every September, so keep those empties all summer & commit them to the team.

In addition to all the ways listed above, we’ve tried numerous different fundraising initiatives; Krispy Kreme donut sales, raffles, banquets, silent auctions, the list goes on.  If you have a great idea you’d like to share – consider attending one of our Team Parent Hard-Core meetings!