New Players

Spectrum Thunder Football is actively recruiting players for our 2019 season!

We want YOU!

Our Spring training workouts begin in May, come check it out.  Get a feel for the team, the coaches, the field conditions.

Why should you play football?
Football teaches cooperation and team work, confidence, social skills and respect for others.  Football is a great form of exercise and it helps to improve and develop skills like throwing, catching, running, kicking, agility and coordination. AND its fun, gets you outta your desk for a few hours, and can build lasting friendships.

Do I need to buy equipment?
Noooooo!  We provide most of the equipment you will need to play!  A $450 deposit cheque is required at the time of fittings and is held until equipment is returned.  It takes some responsibility to take care of this equipment, so do that, and it will cost nothing. You will need a good pair of field cleats, and fitness wear for practices.  Some receiver players enjoy wearing gloves, so you might want those.

How much time commitment will football take?
Spring training is a great way to get a feel for the routine of being a player.  No further commitment needed, if you don’t find a good fit.  Usually, practices are 3 days a week (following school) and 1 game day.  Game days (especially travel games) will excuse you from classes, so you’ll need to consider how to make up any missed assignments or exams.  In addition to practice and game days, you’ll be expected to participate in fundraising activities that benefit the Football club, these tend to happen on weekends, but are infrequent.

Wanna Play?  Go ahead….contact us!