Player Conduct

Spectrum Community School Athletics: Expectations of Student Athletes

  1. Participating in athletics at Spectrum Community School is considered a privilege
  2. Students are expected to maintain a satisfactory level of attendance and effort in all of their classes.  Unsatisfactory effort marks on a report card may result in being suspended from participating in practices or games until satisfactory performance levels are met in all classes.
  3. Team commitment is imperative.  All athletes are expected to attend all regular practices, scheduled games and team meetings.  If not, they shall make every effort to contact their coach or team sponsor.
  4. Athletes are always expected to exhibit a high standard of behaviour and sportsmanship while performing to the best of their ability.
  5. When traveling with a school team, Spectrum’s Code of Conduct must be followed.  Failure to adhere to such rules will result in disciplinary action at the school, and possibly with the BC School Sports Association.
  6. Students are responsible for the care and return of all uniforms issued by the coach.  Failure to return a uniform at the end of the season will result in being charged for its replacement.
  7. A student who has an unexcused absence from any class or is unable to participate in P.E. (i.e., ‘no strip’) on the day of practice or game will NOT participate in htat practice or game.

Players are expected to fully participate in Team Fundraising activities.

By committing to play for the Spectrum Thunder Football team, players agree to the expectations and responsibilities described above.